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10 Amazing Facts About WordPress

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little deserve all the accolades for developing the wonderful WordPress platform. Given its current level of popularity, this platform has imparted new definitions to the online web industry and the results speak volume. W3Techs ranks WordPress as the leading content management system, with a 59.0% market share. The much-proclaimed blogging platform …Continue reading

UNLOQ WordPress Plugin as a Clef Alternative

As the world’s biggest publishing platform, WordPress has its fair share of cyber-attacks. Being open source, this means that all websites hosted on the platform use the same code to function, making it a real tourist attraction for hackers around the world. If you were them, you’d also go for a single target that controls …Continue reading

Get A Professional Under Construction Page In Just A Few Clicks

As a placeholder for a domain name, an under construction page is a simple landing sheet that holds the most important information about your site. Unless you’re completely new to the Internet, you must have seen one before. Web developers like to create under construction pages for their new projects because it gives a professional …Continue reading

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14 WordPress Support Services to Make Your Site More Effective

WordPress powers over 27% of all websites, many of which are some of the largest organisations and biggest brands in the world such as TechCrunch, Sony Music, and Bloomberg Professional. While these companies may have a bigger budget for managing their WordPress website than you, it doesn’t mean that your only choice to have an …Continue reading

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9 Top Premium WordPress Theme Companies

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System platform. Now, everyone knows WordPress is popular because it gives a gamut of features. The most exciting feature is themes, there are lots and lots of them ranging from anything to everything. This gigantic range of themes enables you to customise the look of your website in …Continue reading

The Best Tools To Help You Understand Your Website’s Visitors

Ten years ago, the success of a website was dependent on the traffic generated. A web designer needed to create a website and attract as many visitors as possible. Five years ago, traffic was still important, but more and more website owners widened their approach to doing online business. SEO experts focused not only on …Continue reading

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How to Create a Content Marketing Funnel for Your WordPress Website

Content marketing is one of the most crucial strategies that websites have been using for many years to reach and drive more organic traffic to their websites. Today, it is reported that 88% of B2B marketers are creating custom content and 76% of marketers are expecting to produce more content in the future. Likewise, an …Continue reading

Must-have SEO Tools for a WordPress Website Owner

There are over a billion websites online at the moment. So no matter what niche you’re in, most probably it’s pretty saturated. Which means that you have two choices: Do a better job than your competitors optimising your site for search engines. Or stay buried somewhere on the 2nd page of Google. These days, there …Continue reading

The Different Types of Hosting for Your WordPress Website infographic introduction

The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

When first starting out you just need to get your website online, so you most likely opt for a cheap shared hosting package and don’t look back. After some time when you’ve grown successful and you have an audience you aught to upgrade to a managed solution as you may not realise but your website …Continue reading

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15 Helpful Tips That Will Turn You Into A WordPress Maintenance Whiz

If you are like most people then you may start out thinking that once you create a WordPress website, it is foolproof and requires little or no input apart from updating the websites content. Unfortunately this is far from the truth, once your site is up and running is when you realise that the real …Continue reading

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